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Hardware Services

Support Services(S&S) provides secure, cost-effective IT infrastructure support services that keep pace with the clients' changing and variable technology needs. This means reduced costs for system maintenance, management and personnel is possible, along with access to advanced technology. S&S' robust and complementary set of infrastructure support offerings, provides on-site and remote support that keeps our clients' IT infrastructure reliable and secure.

Over 10 years, IndoSoft Consultants has earned a reputation for delivering infrastructure support services cost-effectively and with the highest levels of quality, by applying certified and trained professionals, operating procedures, and strictly adhering to process standards.


Hardware Maintenance

IndoSoft Consultants handles all the equipment and system needs, regardless of manufacturer, for their clients. From assessment and installation to scheduled tasks, clients can choose the amount of support that is required to keep their critical infrastructure in top performance.


Why Security is Important to You!

Computer and online security is a growing concern for businesses of all sizes. Security issues pop up in news articles every day, and most of our clients understand that they should take steps to better secure their businesses. IndoSoft Consultants will perform a monthly scan of your Local Area Network that will include previously configured servers and PCs. All notification mechanisms will be tested and system logs will be checked.


Storage and Hosting

IndoSoft Consultants delivers complete storage and hosting solutions that meet the unique operating and technology requirements of clients. From strategic consulting to implementation and support, IndoSoft Consultants helps clients develop and execute custom-tailored data storage and hosting strategies. Areas of IndoSoft Consultants storage include: