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Software Services

More than software products, IndoSoft Consultants is a professional services and solutions company providing consulting, technology, and integrated solutions to our clients. IndoSoft Consultants helps clients achieve their goals and positive results through intelligent deployment of best practices and information technology. IndoSoft Consultants combines more than 10 years of technical leadership with subject matter expertise and experience in the clients' office operations. We offer a breadth of solutions covering remote, as well as on-site services.


Programming services tailored to the clients needs

IndoSoft Consultants Programming services help clients create solutions with technology that is customized to their workflow, volume, and personnel.


Application Integration

Application Integration services focus on the clients' strategy, operations, people and information management. We combines creativity with proven methods and application expertise to help clients make difficult decisions about where to allocate resources in order to deliver the maximum return on their investments.


Application Customization

Built on the premise that "no two offices operate alike," we approaches each client implementation with a robust feature-rich set of applications, best-practice examples, and a proven method for customizing the programs to fit the environment.